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Youth City Future Lab

Copenhagen Youth School hosted the conference Youth City Future Lab for Nordic Youth Councils on 19 - 22th of September 2019.

Youth City Future Lab is a conference for youth councils in the largest cities in the North. For 4 days young people from Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark worked alongside each other where they discussed, developed and formed new ideas and solutions to develop youth friendly cities for the future.
The conference took shape as a future lab with individual themes all relating to a youth friendly city. The themes were developed and selected from ideas and wishes from youth councils.

The conference consisted of 8 workshops with individual themes:

  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Architecture and urban development
  • Drugs – use and abuse
  • Cultural encounters
  • Food and sustainability
  • Art, Culture and City Development
  • Mental health and wellbeing 
  • Ethics and community in public spaces 

The workshops were held in colaboration with organizations and professionals in the field.

The Nordic Cities Grow Together
The Nordic societies have many similarities and there are challenges and solutions where we can learn from each other. The same goes for the Nordic cities where we can also learn from each other how we shape our cities. It is mostly in the cities that new impulses and trends arise and this causes challenges as well as opportunities. When shaping the Nordic cities towards the future, it is important to include the voice of the youth to be able to create a vibrant, attractive and safe city for all.

Heart and Pain of the big City - Nordic City Conference on Youth Issues
The youth conference was connected to the conference Heart and Pain of the big City where practitioners, politicians, officials and researchers from the largest cities in the Nordic countries meet up every other year to learn about and discuss youth issues that are specific to the nordic cities and make them more visible and heard. Heart and Pain of the big City is held in Copenhagen in October 2019, which will be the 13th time. City of Copenhagen hosts the conference and Copenhagen Youth School found it natural to adjoin it with a conference for Youth Councils. 

Bringing Ideas to Life and Passing on new Solutions
The ideas that was brought to life through the conference will be passed on i various ways.

  • The conference ended up with an event where politicians and other stakeholders were invited to come and listen to the ideas and solutions the participants have developed 
  • Ideas and recommendations from the conference was gathered in an e-catalogue that was distributed to youth councils, organizations and stakeholders
  • The solutions and recommendations was passed on at the conference  Heart and Pain of the big City in october 2019.
  • The participants and the represented councils was invited to join a new founded Nordic youth council network, organized by NAU - Network for Youth Councils (DK). In the new network youth councils from the largest cities in the Nordic countries can de inspired, exchange experiences and help each other with challenges and solutions.