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Copenhagen Youth School offers free leisure-time classes and full-time education for young people living in Copenhagen.

Our leisure-time classes are for young people aged 13-18 and our full-time education offers different kinds of schools to young people from 7th to 10th grade and different alternative school options for young people up to the age of 25. We support, educate and encourage undergratuates to move from elementary school to jobs or further education.

About the youth school

In 1942 the youth school was legislated by the Act on Youth Schools. The purpose was to educate the youth in the spirit of democracy and provide meaningful and healthy leisure time activities.

One of the motives, of course, was to create a fence towards totalitarian regimes as seen during the Second World War and encourage democratic ways of thinking.

Nowadays democracy is still one of the pillars of the youth school, and the youth school has expanded these activities in an effort to match the demands of a globalised society.

The youth school intends to give you an opportunity to consolidate and improve your knowledge - to make you able to be part of life in the community and understand what a community means - to contribute to enhancing the quality of your life and to develop your interest in and capacity for taking an active part in a democratic society.

Copenhagen City Council determines the framework of the youth school. This framework is documented in a written activity plan and by the annual budget resolutions.  The school is governed by a board consisting of politicians, employees and students.

More about the Copenhagen Youth School

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